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“La Llave Romántica” it is a seasonless digital fashion collection consisting solely of seven looks.

It is a fusion of digital art, fashion design, and narrative.

It offers an immersive and sustainable experience in the digital world, following the narratives of previous fashion collections, “LA LLAVE DE HIERRO” and “LA LLAVE DE LOS SUEÑOS.”

In this fashion story, Carolina embarks on an adventure by digitalizing the avant-garde Spanish woman.

The collection consists of seven digital portraits that capture the essence, passion, character, and strength of the Spanish woman. Each portrait features a 3D avatar dressed in timeless digital fashion garments that correspond to each day of the week.

In addition, each of the seven portraits acts as a portal protected by the romantic key and a spell in the form of a futuristic poem, allowing everyone to access the metaverse.

The digital garments are meticulously designed with a zero-waste mindset. This unique opportunity allows people to own and wear a work of art while contributing to a more sustainable world.


DIGITAL GARMENT AVAILABLE AS GLB NFT FILES at https://opensea.io/CarolinaKoziski. For this collection, Carolina has worked with workflows such as clo3d, c4d, Photoshop, Character Creator, and iClone.

PHYSICAL GARMENT AVAILABLE ONLY BY ORDER. For information about sizes and prices, please send an email writing the name of the garment (which is available on the top left of the photo) to: info@carolinakoziski.com. We will answer your questions.



Photo1: #tech1SundayCourage

Innovation fueled by feminine grace,

Challenging the norms, leaving a powerful trace.

Fabric: Digital Tulle, Silk Long Dress


Photo2: #tech2MondayRomanticKey

With poetic precision, she weaves a digital dance,

Crafting verses of romance, where hearts find their chance.

Fabric: Digital Tulle, leather Short Dress


Photo3: #tech3TuesdayNewPoetry

Gone are the confines of traditional rhyme,

She embraces the algorithm, defying space and time.

Fabric: Digital Tulle Long Dress


Photo4: #tech4WednesdayVelocity

Her ideas surge like currents, swift and untamed,

Harnessing the power of progress, she cannot be named.

Fabric: Digital Tulle, recycled polyester Short Dress


Photo5: #tech5ThursdayRebelPassion

Gone are the limitations, as they dare to dream,

Fusing tradition with technology, in a harmonious stream.

Fabric: Digital Tulle Jumpsuit


Photo6: #tech6FridayFreedom

Through virtual landscapes, minds explore and roam,

Unbounded by borders, finding their own home.

Fabric: Digital Tulle, silk Short Dress 


Photo7: #tech7SaturdayDancingFlowers

Gone are the limitations, as they transcend the norm,

Crafting a symphony of movement, in a pixelated storm.

Fabric: Digital Tulle Jacket Dress

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