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About me

Carolina koziski is a Brazilian and Spanish visual artist and a fashion designer.

While working as a model, she studied illustration, painting and animation in Italy, at the Instituto Europeo de Design (IED), Milan.

Her art ranges from the abstract to figurative and from the traditional to digital. Two different worlds united by a single line. Strong colors and complex lines, building a magical universe full of fantasy.

Fashion as inspiration, it is present in her illustrated books. The fairy for big children entitled Exsco and the Little Red Riding Hood in fashion, are a true reflection of how to unite both worlds, transferring the fashion image to a creative field.

In 2018 she did the Master Blended of Fashion Design at the Instituto Europeo di Design (IED), Madrid, presenting her collection _In the Night_. A series of garments created from a tribute to creative and free-spirited women. All this supported by an extensive research in pattern making and modeling to achieve different volumes and shapes.

In 2020, during the COVId-19 pandemic, she completed a Motion Graphics Master at CICE, the school of new technologies, acquiring high knowledge in cinema4d and clo3d.

“I take the garments as my second home. The home that protect my body… the body that protect my soul…” C.Koziski

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