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AW22/23 "La Llave de los Sueños"

Fashion, art and illustration.

Koziski Creative Lab.

KOZISKI is a brand part of the company KOZISKI CREATIVE LAB, created by artist Carolina Koziski in 2016.

Her art ranges from the abstract to figurative and from the traditional to digital. Two different worlds united by a single line. Strong colors and complex lines, building a universe full of fantasy.

Thought for all, KOZISKI was born as an expression, to externalize the inner and magical world of the artist where fashion, painting and illustration coexist in perfect harmony.

KOZISKI CREATIVE LAB aspires to the physical and mental well-being of all people who appreciate traditional and digital art made with conscious, respect, love for human, animals and our beautiful planet.

The company also supports a fashion concept in the Zero Waste technique, reusing the remains of materials to produce more artwork, achieving this way, together with the philosophy of handmade, unify and link different artistic disciplines, all united under the same person, unique and recognizable sign.

Everything has a story". C.Koziski


KOZISKI is designed for everyone. Its fundamental value is freedom in all its expression.

The garments are in constantly researching the most contemporary and modern design together with geometry, without losing authenticity and tradition in technique.

In KOZISKI the concept of fashion in the Zero Waste technique is practiced, reusing the remains of materials to produce more works of art, thus achieving, together with the “handmade” philosophy, to unify and link different artistic disciplines, all united under one same personal seal, unique and recognizable.


Contemporary Art. Modern, Abstract-figurative expressionism Art.

In 2011 Carolina Koziski, creates “CIRCUS COLLECTION”, name given for a whole collection of modern abstract-figurative art with numerous series in constant construction.

All handmade free.

"Clear your mind and let live the visual perception within you." C.Koziski


The illustrations of the artist Carolina Koziski made traditionally and digitally, reflect the modernity of our times. Her ideas, concepts and illustrated stories and also converted into books materialize her most versatile and chameleon side.

Carol Doll

For a few seconds my body flew restlessly out of nowhere.

I could feel the wind cutting my skin and the burning blood flowing through my veins. I turned around in a very aggressive way until I came to a smooth and dirty wooden bridge.

I was on my knees when a point of light was rapidly approaching me. It was Ken, he was without clothes and all dirty. He arrived, stopped in front of me and greeted me saying: Carol, how are you? He gave me a kiss on my cheek, but I wiped it off because his mouth was melting.

Soon after, a rag doll arrived. She greets me warmly and gently asks me to sew an eye on her backpack so she can see from all angles.

A bright light invaded our surroundings and everything disappeared. Then, finally, a sweet voice sighed in my ear and said, “Your dreams will come true.”


Once upon a time there was a rag doll named Carol …

Carol Doll is a totally ZERO WASTE project doll. It is made from recycled materials. It carries a label with flower seeds to be planted. It can be purchased only and through this website. It is a handmade rag doll and is handmade in Madrid. Each doll is numbered. 


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